Thursday, March 24, 2011

Night Moves

I've worked at a hotel here in town as a second job for about 3 years now, bouncing around from property to property, not lasting more than a few months at any one place. My job title is "Night Auditor", but I feel more like my name tag should read, "Meatbag Watching This Derelict Facility". The hours aren't too shabby, usually 11 PM to 7 AM a couple of nights a week, and depending on the moon and stars aligning, I might get lucky from time to time. Until recently, I've always considered this my side job, as my primary income came from my dream job, working as a computer tech for a local firm. But, due to circumstances beyond my control, I've had to leave that firm and now seek a second job to compliment my 'side gig'. I hadn't considered making Night Auditing my primary income, but because an opportunity has opened up at a hotel across the street, I might just have to think about a temporary career in hospitality. At least, at this new property, I'll be making more money, and, really, it's all about pushin' that paper.

I'll keep ya'll updated.

In the comments, feel free to vent, exclaim, or praise your current employer, if you feel like. Kudos to those with the Night Moves.

Duke Nukem Forever Delayed

After reading 'Duke Nukem Forever Delayed', I was about to rage for a 1000 suns, but then I read the article.

Take-Two claims that the industry's eternally charging Lancelot, Duke Nukem Foreveris now set to arrive internationally on June 10th, and in North America on June 14th. At this crucial point in the game's comically extended timeline, though, you should probably just wait until the unboxing video before you start believing again.

Source - Joystiq 

'L.A. Noire': Expect To Play For At Least 25-30 Hours

It is very unlikely that any of you were expecting Rockstar to deliver a short game in "L.A. Noire," but nothing had previously been said about the final game's length. Until now. The New York City-based developer behind the hits "Grand Theft Auto 4" and "Red Dead Redemption" confirmed a number during a closed doors preview at PAX East this past weekend: 25 to 30 hours.
It was during the demo a Rockstar rep told PlayStation Lifestyle that the main story lasts roughly 25 to 30 hours. Note that this figure does not include any of the game's side activities, particularly "unassigned cases" which hit pause on the main story while time is taken to flesh out secondary characters.
Those who attended the PAX demo got to take a look at one of the game's homicide cases, "The Red Lipstick Murder." While "Noire" features an open-world, it stands apart from "GTA" and "Red Dead" for its focus on narrative over exploration. As Cole Phelps, players will work their way up through the various LAPD crime desks, graduating to higher and higher profile cases as they go.
While the game does feature action on foot and behind the wheel, much emphasis has been placed on the art of the investigation. Phelps must examine crime scenes, collect evidence, interview witnesses and use his powers of persuasion to tease out the truth wherever it may be hiding. As he successfully completes cases, Cole earns experience that players can use to improve his various crime-fighting capabilities.
While "L.A. Noire" bears many of the usual marks of a Rockstar release, there's quite a bit to set it apart as well. Needless to say, fans are excited to finally take a look at what Team Bondi put together when the game finally hits stores on May 17.